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DELTACOL CZ as a daughter company of BRANO a.s. and GALVAN CZ s.r.o. was established in 2000, in 2003 it extended its activities into the premises in Litovel and at present it provides surface treatment of metals by galvanic process and also a special treatment – soaking in Deltacoll varnish of transparent or black colour. The treatment is performed on zinc-coated goods, it warrants high corrosion resistance of such surface-treated segments and it is required especially for parts for automobile industry,because the coating does not contain hexavalent chromium (Cr6+). Corrosion tests of the surfaces with Deltacoll were performed in own test chamber VÖTSCH according to the DIN 50 021SS.


  • Chromizing (decorative or hard Cr)
  • Nickel coating (hinge and drum)
  • Copper coating
  • Zinc coating
  • Anodizing of aluminium (natural and black)
  • Chromate treatment of aluminium in Alodine solution

DELTACOL CZ further provides its customers with

  • Passivation of segment surface
  • Rubberizing of preparatives (hinges) for galvanic process
  • Measuring of galvanic layers by FISCHERSCOPE X-Ray XDL-5 XymZ with software V 6.1

Why to choose Deltacoll?

  • Does not contain Cr6+, therefore complies with EU requirements since 2003.
  • For high resistance to corrosion is suitable as substitute for zinc and cast iron coatings of zinc containing Cr6+ (yellow and black chromate)
    • When applied to transparently passivated zinc coating more than 800 hours to became red corrosion
    • When applied to Zn-Fe coating more than 1.000 hours to became red corrosion
  • Variations :
    • Transparent varnish Deltacoll 80
    • Black varnish Deltacoll schwarz
    • Black or transparent varnish containing solid particles for eliminating friction - Deltacoll GZ is used as a substitute for sliding varnish
  • Deltacoll surface treatment is required by global manufacturers of cars – GM, OPEL according to the norm GME 00252 a GMW 3044 C
  • Uniqueness of the technology in the Czech Republic on programmable application device from company WMV
  • Considering large-scale application the minimal fee is for 1 kg or 1 dm2
  • Complex ability of surface treatment
    • Zinc coating  in company GALVAN CZ s.r.o.
    • Deltacoll surface treatment in company DELTACOL CZ s.r.o., all in one place

What is Deltacoll?

Product specification

Deltacoll is inorganic mixture of siloxan complexes, titanium polymers and solvents, which are supplied by German firm Dörken. The mixture is laid on surfaces of phosphate, zinc and zinc alloys with passivation. In liquid conditions the connections are organic. After hardening and evaporation an inorganic film develops. As solvents are used alcohols. There are integrated internal sliding materials for friction factors regulation.

Product labels

DELTACOLL 80 contains solvents
DELTACOLL 80 GZ contains solvents and grease products


By soaking in cages, followed by centrifuging and firing at band in continuous tunnel furnace. The process is executed once or twice. It is optimal for small sized parts, jointing materials,stampings, pouring throw enabling parts and other parts for automobile industry.


From company WMV (Germany), type TULZ 900. Maximum of plant capacity is 1.000 kg/hour according to kind of parts, in cycles circa 10 minutes. Up to now this is the only peak technology in the Czech Republic

Resistance to corrosion according to standard DIN 50021 – SS

Corrosion tests of coatings with Deltacoll have been made in special test facility type VÖTSCH according to standard DIN 50 021SS.

  • Zn 8 µm + transparent passivation (no Cr 6 +) and 2 x Deltacoll
    • it took 240 hours to become white corrosion
    • it took 720 hours to become white corrosion on 30% of surface (the test finished for operational reasons without reaching red corrosion)
  • Zn 8 µm + yellow chromate and 2 x Deltacoll
    • it took 260 hours to become white corrosion
    • it took 820 hours to become white corrosion on 30% of surface,no red corrosion
  • Zn-Fe 8 µm + black chromate and 2 x Deltacoll (parts were plated on suspension)
    • it took 720 hours to become white corrosion
    • it took 820 hours to become weak white corrosion on surface, no red corrosion
  • Zn 15 µm + transparent passivation (no Cr 6 +) and 2 x Deltacoll Schwarz
    • it took 350 hours to become white corrosion
    • it took circa 1.000 hours to become red corrosion

Quality system:

Company DELTACOL CZ s.r.o. is a member of BRANO GROUP, with quality system certificates according to the norms  ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, ISO 14001.

  • Deltacol CZ s.r.o.
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